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 Welcome to Melanoma Support Ireland Website:  We were set up by Irish melanoma patients to provide information and support. We also advocate for the best international standard treatment options for patients diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma living in Ireland.  If you're a melanoma  patient living in Ireland please contact us for further details about our group

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Join us on our private support group where Irish patients get to speak to each-other; people who really understand what it is like to live with a melanoma diagnosis

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Malignant Melanoma what is it?

Now you have been diagnosed maybe you are curious to learn more about Melanoma its signs and treatment

Clinical Trials in Ireland

You may be thinking of joining a clinical trial as a treatment option you can find out more information from your Consultant or Cancer Trials Ireland

Clinical Trials Worlwide

Maybe you want to explore treatment options abroad you can search for International Melanoma trials here

Treatment Information

Questions to ask about your diagnosis

Once you have been diagnosed you might have many questions about your diagnosis here is a handy checklist of frequently asked questions jot down what's relevant to you and take it to your appointment 

Adjuvant Treatment

This is a treatment that used as a preventative measure to stop your melanoma returning. There is a lot of research happening which is showing promising results you may be able to access this treatment through a clinical trial as it is not currently reimbursed 

Targeted Therapies

These are oral medications taken daily by the patient at home. They have different side effects to immunotherapy and Chemo that need to be reported as they occur. They can be very fast acting but may not always have a durable response for all patients


There are now a few different treatment options available in Ireland  including single agent or combination treatments your consultant and CNS will discuss options with you these treatments are very different to Chemo with different side effects make a list of questions you want to ask and jot down the answers its difficult to remember everything during an appointment


This may be offered as part of your treatment schedule always make sure to ask any questions you might have so you can understand why the treatment is being offered the potential benefits and possible side effects that might need addidtional care. If your are feeling anxious you may want to ask about arranging a light sedative to help you relax

Treatment Side Effects

It is vital not to delay in reporting imunotherapy side affects to your care team for more info on what to look out for this information guide was compiled by ESMO with the help of Patient Groups with experience of treatment. Treatment side effects are very different to Chemo always make sure whoever is treating you understands which treatment you are on 

Patient Stories

Read about what life with melanoma has been like for some Irish patients

Aisling's Story (pdf)


Kay's Story (pdf)


Niamh's Story (pdf)


How to Examine your Skin

Check out this great video from Melanoma Patient Conference UK  (MPCUK) on how to do a skin check always consult your Dermatologist if you find something your concerned about without delay

Lymph Node Check

Your might be worried about  Malignant Melanoma skin Cancer recourring and want to know how you can be proactive about finding it quickly here's another great video by MPCUK on how to examine your Lymph Nodes something patients should also get used to checking if your unsure about anything please ask your Consultant or CNS to show you too

Melanoma In Me -coping at stage 4


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Other Resources

Irish Skin Foundation

Supporting people with skin conditions in Ireland

Arc Cancer Care

Providing a range of support services for cancer patients and their families in Ireland

Melanoma Patient Network Europe

European Melanoma advocacy, information and support Network 

HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority )

Check the list of side effects for your medications and report adverse reactions


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