Melanoma Support Ireland Team

Kay Curtin

Kay is a stage 4 patient, she is a member of Melanoma Patient Network Europe, IPPOSI where she is one of 20 students to be accepted for their pilot patient education program. She is patient adviser to Melanoma trials group at Cancer Trials Ireland and has presented at ESMO and attended many international conferences including ASCO

Aisling Moore

Aisling is a young Mum who found herself thrown into the unknown with her melanoma diagnosis. She is passionate about supporting newly diagnosed patients like herself that need someone to talk to.  She understands what it is like to live with the fear of recurrence, and is happy to pass on her knowledge of coping skills to others through peer group support

Niamh Pender

Niamh is also a young mum dealing with Stage 3 melanoma diagnosis. She acknowledges the benefit becoming a member of a support group was to her when she was diagnosed, and wishes to now give back to others in a similar position